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Public space, the right to the city, and civic engagement. How can we improve equity and access through participatory urbanism? Ph.D. student in Urban & Regional Planning at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa. Former resident of Seoul & San Francisco.
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On April 1, the Power to the Pieper (pieper = potato) action saw a pile of organic potatoes dumped in Dams Square, Amsterdam, with members of Slow Food Youth (SFY) Netherlands inviting the public to take them home. “At this moment, potatoes are so lowly priced that this farmer cannot sell them on the market,” commented organizer Samuel Levie. “It’s actually cheaper for him to bring them here. We hope that people will realize how crazy it is that we are living with a food system in which food is actually worthless.” 

Image via Nufuto

Peter Pink had me at potato. 

Potatoes for peace and pink sunglasses.